Washington DC’s food scene shined at the 2024 Events DC Embassy Chef Challenge held at Union Station. Just in time for the Cherry Blossoms to bloom, this event celebrated the city’s international diversity, featuring dishes and drinks from our embassies. It’s a highlight in Washington DC food and culture, emphasizing the city’s role as a global food-centric hub.

The challenge spotlighted embassy chefs competing for the People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice Awards. Chef Jovana Urriola, representing the Embassy of the Republic of Panama, took home first place in the Judge’s Choice category with their Panamanian Style Afro-Caribbean Chicken Tamale Dumplings, while Chefs Damain Leach (pictured above) and Ann Marie Leach, representing the Embassy of Barbados, took home first place in the People’s Choice with their Curry Lamb and Breadfruit Coucou and Bajan Sweet Bread. 

This event exemplifies Washington, DC’s vibrant dining scene, offering everything from upscale restaurants to local markets. It’s a destination for food lovers, travelers, and culture enthusiasts seeking a taste of international flavors and the city’s renowned hospitality.

Beyond the culinary world, Washington DC invites visitors to explore its landmarks, enjoy diverse travel experiences, and partake in embassy tours, offering a blend of cultural and gastronomic delights. The Embassy Chef Challenge speaks to our DC dining appeal, making it a must-visit for anyone eager to experience the city’s dynamic restaurants and welcoming atmosphere.

Besides its rich food scene, Washington DC is highly accessible and served by three major airports: Dulles International, BWI, and Reagan National Airport (DCA). These airports provide convenient travel options for visitors eager to explore the city’s offerings, landmarks, and cultural experiences. Whether you’re a foodie, a traveler, or a culture enthusiast, Washington DC’s blend of culinary excellence and easy access makes it a compelling destination for a memorable experience. So, if the Embassy Chef Challenge gave you the travel bug, you’re only a few minutes away from these countries, so get out there and visit these great countries!