As Washington, DC, welcomes the vibrant hues of spring, the city is buzzing with anticipation of the Cherry Blossom season. With a flurry of events and specials across various venues, there’s no shortage of ways to immerse yourself in this spectacular seasonal celebration. Let’s explore the myriad experiences waiting for you in the nation’s capital.

Peak Bloom Season: National Cherry Blossom Festival

The National Cherry Blossom Festival, in partnership with the National Park Service, has marked the calendar with the anticipated peak bloom dates for 2024 between March 23–26. This annual celebration heralds the arrival of spring, drawing locals and tourists alike to marvel at the blossoming cherry trees. This is the best time for cherry blossoms in dc.

Culinary Delights Amidst Cherry Blossoms

During Washington DC’s cherry blossom season, various dining and drinking venues elevate the experience with unique offerings. Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Adams Morgan launches a Cherry Blossom-Inspired Pop-Up and “Blossom Hour” Happy Hour, where guests can savor themed cocktails and Japanese whiskies under a floral canopy. Similarly, MI VIDA‘s “Mi Cheri” cocktail, Surreal‘s “Ethereal Plum Delight,” and ilili DC‘s Sakura Zahr cocktail offer unique, seasonally inspired flavors. Parlour Victoria complements the floral celebration with a four-course prix-fixe menu featuring local ingredients. Never Looked Better and Balos join the festivities with cherry blossom-inspired cocktails, while Immigrant Food introduces a seasonal menu including Strawberry Ponzu Poke and themed beverages. Residents Café and Bar‘s spring menu further immerses diners in the season with dishes and drinks enjoyed under a blossoming canopy, creating a comprehensive culinary celebration of the cherry blossom season across the city.

Artistic and Cultural Celebrations

In Washington, DC, the cherry blossom season is a natural spectacle and an inspiration for various immersive and artistic experiences across the city. ARTECHOUSE DC’s ISEKAI Exhibition merges the fantastical world of digital art with cherry blossom themes, creating an immersive experience that captivates visitors. Concurrently, National Landing’s Art of Pink celebrates the bloom season with a vibrant mix of local art, community engagement, and unique activities, enriching the cultural landscape. On the waterfront, Limani DC’s Bloom Balcony at The Wharf introduces guests to their inaugural Cherry Blossom season. It offers a stunning over-the-water view complemented by special drinks and a garden terrace festooned with spring’s floral array. Additionally, Ciel Social Club‘s Cherry Blossom Pop-Up transforms its space with themed decor and cocktails, providing a festive and visually engaging atmosphere that honors the beauty of the cherry blossoms.

Savor the Season’s Flavors

In Washington DC, the dining scene comes alive with cherry-inspired creations, showcasing the city’s culinary ingenuity during the cherry blossom season. From the Cherry Pasta at Centrolina, which captures the delicate flavors of the season, to the Sakura Sashimi at Nama Ko, which offers a fresh take on traditional Japanese fare, restaurants across the city embrace the essence of cherry blossoms in their menus. Whether it’s enjoying a refreshing Cherry Blossom G&T at La Bise, savoring the unique flavors of a cherry blossom-inspired brunch at Rasika, or toasting with a specially crafted cocktail at Modena, the capital’s food scene is a testament to the creativity and seasonal engagement of its chefs and mixologists. This city-wide celebration through food and drink honors the beauty of the cherry blossoms and provides a flavorful journey that encapsulates the spirit of the season in Washington, DC.

More Cherry Blossom-Themed Experiences Across the City

During the cherry blossom season, MGM National Harbor transforms into a culinary destination, showcasing an extensive array of exclusive dishes and cocktails inspired by the iconic blossoms, available until April 14. From Diablo‘s Cantina’s Black Cherry Birria Taco Trio and Sweet Cherry Sprouts to the sophisticated Black Forest dessert and Sakura Negroni at Voltaggio Brothers Steak House, each venue offers a unique nod to the season. TAP Sports Bar and Osteria Costa contribute with their Cherry Bourbon Jumbo Wings and Cherry Duck Confit, respectively, infusing classic flavors with a cherry essence.

Back in DC, Lena’s Wood Fired Pizza with “The Blossom” cocktail, SABABA‘s Cherry Blossom cocktail, and Ambar‘s Cherry Spritz and dessert, all add to the city-wide celebration of the blossoms. Hank’s Oyster Bar is responding with a Japanese-inspired Cherry Blossom cocktail menu launching tomorrow. This menu features unique drinks like “Lychee in Osaka at Midnight” and “Matcha Made in Heaven,” leading up to a Cherry Blossom-themed pop-up bar at their Dupont Circle location in April, following a Beyonce vs. Taylor Swift pop-up in March.

Blossoms by Boat Experience

The cherry blossom season in Washington, DC, offers unique aquatic experiences through the Jefferson Hotel, Whitlow’s on Water, and Sea Table Cru Classé. The Jefferson Hotel‘s “Blossoms by Boat” package includes a 1.5-hour private Potomac River tour, gourmet bites from Executive Chef Fabio Salvatore, and a luxurious two-night stay, offering an immersive blossom-viewing experience. Whitlow’s on Water provides a cherry blossom boat tour, likely paired with their renowned dining or cocktail offerings, offering a scenic and culinary delight on the water. Meanwhile, Sea Table Cru Classé presents an upscale dining experience aboard a 47-foot yacht, featuring a four to six-course meal curated by Michelin-starred Chef Troy Knapp, paired with exquisite French wines, providing a sophisticated and intimate setting to enjoy the blossoms. These offerings cater to diverse tastes, blending sightseeing with culinary excellence, ensuring memorable experiences amidst the iconic cherry blossoms of DC.

Luxurious Teas and Spa Treatments

In Washington DC, the cherry blossom season is celebrated with exquisite afternoon teas and spa treatments at notable hotels, providing a blend of relaxation and indulgence. Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square hosts a Cherry Blossom Afternoon Tea, offering a delightful array of sweet and savory selections that capture the essence of spring. Similarly, Fairmont, Washington DC, Georgetown, presents Cherry Blossom Afternoon Tea, featuring an enchanting menu of savory and sweet treats. Park Hyatt Washington DC also joins in with its unique tableside tea service, introducing a cherry blossom-inspired menu available on weekends in their Tea Cellar, further enhancing the seasonal celebration with a touch of elegance and culinary excellence. Salamander Washington DC elevates the experience by combining its exclusive cherry blossom views with exceptional amenities, including an Afternoon Tea and a rejuvenating Cherry Blossom Body Treatment at their spa, perfect for those seeking relaxation amidst the beauty of the blossoms. Together, these experiences offer an ideal way to immerse oneself in the beauty and flavors of cherry blossom season in the nation’s capital.

This season, Washington, DC, transforms into a canvas of pink and white, offering many ways to celebrate the cherry blossoms. From gastronomic delights to cultural experiences, the city invites you to partake in this beautiful celebration of spring.