Washington, DC, is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and innovative entertainment options. The latest addition to this dynamic scene is Whitlow’s on Water, a groundbreaking partnership with Sea Suite Cruises. This unique venture marks the first time a bar in the nation’s capital has taken to the Potomac River, offering an unparalleled experience aboard the largest vessel in the Potomac Tiki Club fleet.

Experience the latest trend in Washington, D.C.’s nightlife with Whitlow’s on Water, a floating bar that stands out as a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists. This distinctive floating bar and restaurant provides an exciting alternative to the usual DC dining and party scene, making it a top pick for those seeking unique bars or floating restaurants in DC.

Whitlow’s on Water isn’t just a bar; it’s a floating celebration, accommodating up to 48 guests. Perfect for private events on the Potomac or unique party venues in DC, the bartended cruises offer stunning waterside views, ideal for any gathering. The boat is equipped with a canopy and retractable window covers, ensuring comfort regardless of the weather, making it a year-round option for outdoor dining in DC with a twist.

The concept was born from the nostalgia of Sea Suite Cruises co-founders Jack Maher and Jack Walten, who spent their early 20s at the original Whitlow’s on Wilson in Arlington. When the opportunity arose to reinvent Whitlow’s in DC, they envisioned a floating bar that could bring the cherished Whitlow’s vibe to the Potomac, catering to those searching for innovative bar experiences in Washington DC.

Beyond just drinks, Whitlow’s on Water offers private charters on the Potomac, shared cruises, and monument tours, all staffed by a licensed crew and equipped with modern amenities for entertainment and safety. It’s an ideal choice for corporate events in DC, birthday party venues in Washington DC, or just a casual get-together, providing a unique setting that will make any occasion memorable.

Located in Georgetown, Whitlow’s on Water offers various cruise options, including private charters starting at $45 per person and individual tickets for $40. There’s also a guided sightseeing tour in DC, making it a versatile choice for both locals and tourists seeking a novel way to experience the capital.

In conclusion, Whitlow’s on Water, in collaboration with Sea Suite Cruises, sets a new entertainment standard in Washington, DC. It’s more than just a bar—it’s an experience, inviting you to set sail on the Potomac and enjoy the city from a fresh perspective, ideal for those searching for unique experiences in DC or Potomac River cruises.