Washington, D.C., eagerly awaits the grand unveiling of The Little Blackbird, a fresh addition to the city’s vibrant dining scene. Nestled at 3309 Connecticut Avenue, beside the renowned Sababa, this wine bar is poised to replace the beloved Bindaas in Cleveland Park.

Inspired by the French term for blackbird, “merle,” the name pays tribute to the Bordeaux region’s cherished Merlot grape.

Sara Peregoff, the dynamic Assistant General Manager, is a driving force behind this exciting venture. Bursting onto the D.C. restaurant scene in 2022 with Knightsbridge Restaurant Group, Sara’s infectious enthusiasm and vibrant style promise a unique dining experience.

With a rich background as the resident sommelier for Antrim 1844 in Maryland, where she managed an impressive 13,000-bottle wine cellar, Sara is no stranger to fine wines. At Little Blackbird, she envisions a delightful fusion of Chef Ryan Moore’s global dishes with an eclectic wine list, including fun pairings like wine with Twinkies!

The menu at The Little Blackbird is a testament to culinary innovation. Guests can expect a range of dishes that tantalize the taste buds, from appetizers like Tart Flambe and Roasted Squid to sumptuous entrees like Lamb Loin and Squash Gnocchi. And for those with a sweet tooth, desserts such as the Single Malt Butterscotch Pudding Flight and Red Wine Poached Figs promise a delightful end to a meal.

Join Sara and the team for a sensory adventure at The Little Blackbird! Secure your reservation by calling 202-244-6550 or visiting littleblackbirddc.com. Experience the magic firsthand!