The renowned Blue Duck Tavern is tucked within the elegant surroundings of the Park Hyatt Washington DC, moments from historic Georgetown and the vibrant West End. Honored with a Michelin star in 2019, this establishment beautifully marries time-honored traditions with modern sophistication.

The moment you step inside, the ambiance captivates. An open-concept kitchen, with its charming wood-burning oven, contrasts splendidly against interiors adorned with rich dark oak and subtle blue burlap hints, evoking classic American charm.

General Manager Joseph Cerione leads this dining oasis, with an impressive 15 years in the luxury hospitality sector. Jean-Claude Philon, the distinguished Food and Beverage Operations Director, meticulously oversees every gastronomic endeavor. Chef de Cuisine, Andrew Cleverdon, an alumnus of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, brings two decades of restaurant wisdom, crafting dishes that balance the classic and contemporary. Pastry Chef Colleen Murphy designs sweet creations for dessert enthusiasts that highlight regional nuances and ingredients.

Embark on your dining experience with standout starters like the aromatic Wood-Fired Bone Marrow. Venture further with mains such as the perfectly roasted Rohan Duck or the succulent 18-Hour Braised Short Rib. Each dish celebrates its roots, drawing from places like the lush Hudson Valley of New York, the seafood-rich George’s Bank Massachusetts, the iconic Chesapeake Bay of Maryland, or the diverse Gulf Coast.

Concluding your meal, indulge in masterfully crafted desserts. The Rum Baba paired with Caramelized Banana or the intricate Pear Mille Feuille promises a delightful end. Elevate your meal further with season-centric cocktails, such as the whimsical Rum Bunny or the sophisticated West End Sour, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Chef Cleverdon welcomes you to immerse yourself in a remarkable dining journey at Blue Duck Tavern.