In the bustling heart of Washington, DC, Carmine’s stands out as an Italian restaurant and a beacon of community spirit. Now, they’re committing to the next level by joining the fight against cancer.

More Than Just Delicious Meals

People know Carmine’s for its generous family-style portions that evoke the warmth of an Italian-American wedding feast. Picture yourself surrounded by loved ones, sharing plates of Spicy Scarpariello Wings, indulging in hearty pasta, and finishing off with a creamy slice of Tiramisu. That’s what dining at Carmine’s feels like!

A Tribute to Southern Italian Flavors

Every dish at Carmine’s tells a story of Southern Italy’s rich food traditions. Crafted with genuine passion, the menu offers authentic ingredients and time-honored recipes. Carmine’s has you covered whether you crave pasta, seafood, or classic Italian desserts.

National Pasta Month: Carmine’s Steps Up

October isn’t just about celebrating pasta; it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Carmine’s has found a heartfelt way to honor both. With every jar of Carmine’s Vodka Sauce you buy, they will donate some of the proceeds to Susan G. Komen, a leading breast cancer organization. It’s a tasty way to support a vital cause.

Join Carmine’s in the Battle Against Breast Cancer

Breast cancer touches countless lives worldwide. By choosing Carmine’s Vodka Sauce, you’re savoring a piece of Italy and contributing to a brighter future without breast cancer. Whether you shop online or drop by Carmine’s, remember that your purchase makes a difference.

Carmine’s: The Go-To Spot for Large Gatherings

Looking for a venue in DC for a sizable group? With its spacious setting and family-style servings, Carmine’s offers the perfect solution. Be it a family get-together, a work event, or a special celebration, Carmine’s ensures a memorable dining experience.

Together, We Can Make a Difference

Community sits at the heart of Carmine’s ethos, and this initiative amplifies their dedication to giving back. So, choose Carmine’s when you fancy some top-notch Italian food in DC. Relish a meal, pick up a jar of Vodka Sauce at ShopRite, and stand with us in the fight against cancer.

Watch our video to learn more about Carmine’s mission and how you can join in.