Experience Historic Elegance & Modern Design in Washington’s Iconic Neighborhood

Dive into the heart of Washington’s history and charm at the 91st Annual Georgetown House Tour. On April 20, 2024, hosted by St. John’s Episcopal Church, this event isn’t just a tour—it’s an immersive journey through Georgetown’s architectural marvels, blending historic grace with contemporary flair. Picture yourself wandering through historic homes, each narrating its own past while flaunting the best of modern living.

Secure your spot now! Advance tickets are $60 until the eve of the tour. Day-of-tour tickets are $65, offering a chance to explore unique residences that marry historic character with modern luxury.

Your adventure includes the Parish Tea at St. John’s Church, where delightful refreshments await. This event isn’t just a tour—it’s a celebration of community, history, and architectural splendor.

Witness homes that skillfully intertwine history and luxury, from a historic townhouse to a reenvisioned Dutch Colonial cottage. These thoughtfully renovated homes embody Georgetown’s distinct vibe. Plus, the event supports various charities, continuing a tradition of giving since 1931.

Elevate your experience at the Patron’s Party for $325 per person on Wednesday evening, April 17, setting the stage for the house tour. Your ticket grants access to the tour, the Parish Tea, and the Patron’s Party, complete with garden cocktails and treats, all supporting noble causes.

Whether a local or visitor, the Georgetown House Tour is an essential experience showcasing Georgetown’s most captivating homes. Join us to step into the stories of Georgetown’s finest dwellings.