Amid the lively urban milieu of Tysons, Virginia, the freshly minted Persian restaurant, Joon, offers a passage into the decadent delights of Persian food tradition. Located advantageously across the Tysons Corner Center at 8045 Leesburg Pike Suite 120, it infuses a new flavor into the area’s expanding gastronomic landscape.

The creative force propelling this venture is Executive Chef Christopher Morgan, in collaboration with Co-founder Rezza Farahani. Their menu is a tribute to the illustrious cookbook author and chef Najmieh Batmanglij, celebrated as the Grande Dame of Iranian Cooking by The Washington Post and recognized by The New York Times as one of the “Seven Immigrant Women Who Changed the Way Americans Eat.” With a modern flair, they bring to life the age-old food traditions of Persia. Their dedication to quality shines through with fresh produce sourced from Moon Valley Farm and aromatic spices from Heray Spice.

A Great Value

Central to Joon’s offerings is the $40 chef’s tasting menu—a curated exploration of Persian flavors. Every Monday and Tuesday, the allure of half-price bottles of wine beckons patrons, offering a delightful choice for an early week culinary excursion. They are now open for lunch and have a great happy hour menu – wings, burgers, Advieh fries, and Spinach Borani with house-made chips.

The gastronomic tale unfolds with Lamb Sanbuseh, a delightful lamb and pistachio turnover garnished with powdered sugar and rose petals. The menu extends into many colors and textures, from eggplant gold with cherry tomatoes to Fried Sardines zested with sour orange, pomegranate, crispy onions, and cilantro, accompanied by a refreshing Persian cucumber salad. The duck leg, adorned with pomegranate, walnuts, and crispy onions, serves as a savory prelude to the hearty kabob section. And they now offer caviar service

Kababs Please

The kabobs are the centerpiece, with an array from a tender filet mignon kabob seasoned with onion, black pepper, and saffron to prawn kabobs tinged with Aleppo chili and sour orange. A notable mention is the whole roasted branzino, a delightful fusion of flavors of fava beans and cilantro with barberry preserves.

The beverage menu at Joon is equally enticing, spanning a range of cocktails, beers, and traditional Persian black tea service. The Joon Spritz, a blend of Antica Torino and Lambrusco, offers a refreshing option. At the same time, the Shangool mixes Malfy Arancia Gin, Montenegro Amaro, Apricot & Basil Cordial, and Fresh Lemon, topped with Soda Water.

The dessert section brings a sweet closure, with unique baklava paired with vanilla ice cream and branded almonds, and saffron and rosewater ice cream, offering a floral sweetness that dances on the palate.

Beautiful Space

The ambiance at Joon is a feast for the eyes, crafted meticulously by DesignCase, known for their aesthetic creations at Compass Rose and Mission—the interior revels in luxurious textures, royal blues, teals, and golds.

As Tysons sees a wave of new eateries, Joon distinguishes itself with its authentic Persian hospitality and gastronomic elegance. It’s more than just a meal; it’s an invitation to traverse a rich, historical food culture in a contemporary, elegant setting. Amidst Tysons’ burgeoning food scene, Joon is a brilliant recommendation for those yearning to taste tradition.