Wyoming based American Summits Water offers Limited Edition Inauguration Bottle

Beartooth Mountain, Wyoming (January 10, 2013)American Summits, an ultra fine water distributor to restaurants, hotels and specialty retailers has announced the release of collectible, commemorative labeled “Limited Edition” glass-bottled spring water designed to celebrate the Presidential Inauguration.

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American Summits, available in sparkling or still varieties, is organically filtered through layers of mountain rock and one of the few true American bottled water companies. Its unique freshness and purity captures the taste of the American wilderness itself.

American Summits mountain spring water flows from an isolated spring, naturally recharged by rain and snowfall, located in Wyoming’s remote Beartooth Mountain Range. Bottled at the source, American Summits water is never subjected to chemical treatment, preservatives, reverse osmosis or distillation.

These bottles will be sure to make an appearance at most inaugural balls, galas and events.

For those celebrating the inauguration at home, or for those seeking to add a conversation starter to holiday gatherings in December, American Summits Presidential Inauguration commemorative glass bottled water is available at $17.50 a case for shipping throughout the United States. Orders can be made by contacting sales@americansummits.com.

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