West End 25

In honor of Green Week, my research took me to WestEnd25, one of the first apartment communities to be certified LEED Silver by the US Green Building Council. Yes, this was not found in a hotel, but an invitation from Art Soiree introduced me to a many beautiful, forward thinking people from DC.

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At this event, we had the pleasure meeting one of the architects, Alex Higbee, who championed efforts of reusing 75% of the existing building. Teaming up with ForrestPerkins, Shalom Baranes Associates Architects (who brought us the Ritz Carlton Residences at both DC locations), took two six story office buildings and redesigned them into one ten story luxury apartment building.

Inside the lobby, a trio of musicians provided jazzy beats for tenants and fellow green aficionados. Not to pass up, we were delighted to meet two leading eco-conscious jewelry designers from the D.C. area, Alberto Parada and Lanyapi Designs, whose exceptional craftsmanship sparkles in sustainability.

Following clean lines in the space, green living advocates from the Hartman Design Group, bring this space to life with inviting, upscale and contemporary Italian furniture selections. Color accents of blood orange make this space luscious and sophisticated.

My eco-assessment of this lobby left me hopeful of a green future in DC. I encourage you to put on your emission caps and head over to WestEnd25.


1255 25th Street Northwest

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Washington, DC 20037

(202) 775-9325

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