By now, if you have been looking into your personal fitness, you know that there are many options for you to get back into the grind. There are spinning classes, challenge-based workouts and “this-and-that”fit types of gyms.

But there can only be one, and the “one” that works for me is sweatbox DC. It is an amazingly challenging workout incorporating cycling, weights, cables, sandbags, and teamwork, all being encouraged by a passionate coach with a great music list.

Not only is it competitive to yourself, but you can also participate in a sense of camaraderie when you attach the heart rate monitor which is posts your burn on a screen just outside your line of sight.

It is located in the U Street location of VIDA Fitness, anyone is welcome to participate, and you don’t have to be a member of VIDA to be in the class. I’m a fan, and I love it. And I’m sure you will too. LEARN MORE HERE

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