(VIDEO) Review: Le Diplomate Spring Menu 2016

As you probably know, Le Diplomate is one of the hottest restaurants in Washington, DC. Its 14th Street’s anchor. Now, they have a new spring menu.

I know we all probably have our favorites: one of those things that won’t go off the menu is the Grand Plateau. It’s the seafood tower that everyone is looking at, everyone is talking about its a great conversation piece to have on your table. There is oysters, shrimp cocktail, they is crab legs, there is topneck clams, there is lobster, sea scallops with passion fruit. It really begins the evening right.

A couple new hors d’oeuvres the Frog Legs. Don’t be intimidated. They are such a tasty thing on the menu, I don’t want you to overlook them. It is a nice hardy portion. It is served with; tomatoes, garlic, shallots, white wine. Ask for an extra basket of bread.

To note, the bread is made on 16th Street in a bakery just for Le Diplomate so there is constantly fresh baked bread at your dinner table.

Another one of those things is the Foie Gras Parfait: whipped foie gras, served with a little side of strawberry rhubarb marmalade, nice cuts of toast that is served with it. It’s great. It is a very tasty, spreadable, shareable. A lot of people are already talking about it. Please put it on your table as well.

When you are enjoying your dinner, I hope you make room for dessert. One of those things that stands out to me was the chocolate bar with caramel. It is a wonderful add. There is hazelnuts, and fromage blanc. Of course they do their creme brûlée correctly. It is very simple ingredients, but they do it right. There is also assorted ice creams and sorbets, so pay attention to what your server is talking about.

They are constantly changing the menu using fresh items. So you know, and I know that Le Diplomate is a great place to be. They have a wonderful brunch, they have daily specials, mid day specials. Always check the menu, talk to your server about the new things that are on the menu.

Go to LeDiplomateDC.com and you can check out the menu yourself. You can make reservations there. Le Diplomate is a guarantee.

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