(VIDEO) Review: Bavarian Inn Summer 2016

Now that long weekends are coming around, and it is starting to get warmer outside but we don’t have a lot of time during the week and the weekend isn’t a good time for us to take time off, but there are some great getaways that are maybe an hour or an hour or two to get out of town, just for a day, just for two days.

One of those places that can really transport you is the Bavarian Inn in West Virginia. Now the Bavarian Inn, you can’t miss it, it has this European, Tudor-style facade. A lot of their rooms are transformative. It has European elegance, great service.

I got a great view overlooking the Potomac River. It is beautiful. One of the highlights of the hotel, is their infinity pool that spills over into the view of the Potomac River. It was wonderful.

It is located in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. It is just really charming. There are boutiques, antiques, small restaurants, family-owned restaurants, little local purveyors, small shops.

Now when I stayed there, I got a “Potomac River View,” it is one of their suites, it was a great room, it was very large, located in one of their chalets. The room had a private balcony, with a sitting area outside. There was a gas fireplace, there was a whirlpool bath, really charming throughout the whole weekend.

With their gym, I recommend utilizing their partnership with Shepherdstown University just across the street, and they have a great sports center.

In their registration and clubroom and restaurant area, it is a great breakfast, they do a great weekend brunch, they do dinner. Get a seat by the window, it is worth having the view when you are enjoying your meal.

I also want you to think about the Bavarian Inn as a meeting getaway, a place to host a retreat for your staff. There is over 7,500 square feet of meeting space, there is 72 guest rooms, and there is over 11 acres of lawns and gardens that you can have your event. I think it is a great space where it is small enough where you can host about 150 persons at any given time, maybe it is a great place to to host a retreat for a board of directors.

At the Bavarian Inn, you are at the center of local attractions; there are historic battlefields that you can go to. It is a short drive up to Hagerstown, Charlestown, Harper’s Ferry. You are in the middle of everything.

Give them a call, ask them about different group rates, weekend events, there are a lot of things coming up in the area. Check out their website: BavarianInnWV.com. Going to the Bavarian Inn, it’s a great place to getaway!

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