TRAVEL: Lisbon and Porto Will Deliver 61 Brand New Hotels in 2018

Porto and Lisbon are expending horizons with 61 new hotels along with 23 remodeled hotels to be launched in 2018. Overall, two main cities of Portugal are expecting 4,770 new rooms, according to Association of Hoteliers of Portugal (AHP).

Portugal attracting more and more visitors every year, giving investors new inspiration. In 2017, over 29 new hotels were built in Portugal with 20 reopened units alongside.

Portugal is home to numerous UNESCO world heritage sites and traditions.

The largest number of openings will take place in the regions of Lisbon and Porto. Of the 61 planned hotels, 29 of them will be in Greater Lisbon. Among these new hoels are the new Meliá hotel in Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo; the Exe and Eurostars hotels, both in Parque das Nações, and The Beautique Hotel, which is built this year in Rua da Madalena. The North Porto region will have 14 new units during this year. One of them will be the new Vila Galé Braga, which opens in May. The other significant hotel will be Pestana A Brasileira, which opens to the public in March, Baixa Porto.

Portugal is considered one of the most geographically diverse countries in Europe. Relatively small territory of the country allows to cover a great portion of it on a bike to get to explore different heritage sites, traditions, food and natural beauty. Portugal is home to amazing beaches, glacial valleys, big mountain ranges, wine countries, national parks, and outstanding hotels that will make your stay unforgettable.

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