The Willard Hotel Updated in Room&Board

Washington, DC (April 9, 2013) – Some hotels in Washington pride themselves in presenting a historical snapshot of a bygone era. Upon entering, the Willard Hotel whisks you back to the time of President Grant and his team of lobbyists sharing great stories over cigars and good whiskey.

This is just a hypothetical, but have you ever wondered what it might look like if it were provided a modern and comfortable redo? Room & Board at 1840 14th Street NW provides a classic yet contemporary touch to your home, so why not bring that same feeling into the iconic Willard Hotel lobby space?

Here is what we would use:

  1. Quinn Chair, Wheat $799
  2. Saturnia Floor Lamp, Bronze $385.50
  3. Marcel Chair, Snow $1,199
  4. Adams Round End Table (18r 23h), Walnut $449
  5. Chloe Chair, Coffee $1,499
  6. Loring 89” Sofa, Wheat $1,299
  7. Corbett Table, Solid Walnut $749
  8. Louis Chair, Camel $1,899
  9. Lind Ottoman, Cow Hide $799
  10. Adams Drop Leaf Table, Walnut $1,399
  11. Kayseri Rug (8’9” x 11’6”) $2,999

This Minnesota-based company has been designing home furnishings for more than 30 years. Reflected in every piece of their assortment, you’ll see the principles that have guided them from the very beginning.

As you browse their collection you will find beautiful, thoughtful designs. You will find natural materials shaped, welded and woven by dedicated craftspeople across the United States. And with that, what a comfortable place the Willard, or your own home, could be.

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