The Most Storied Circus Act in America Returns to the DMV

World-renowned for its one-ring, intimate and artistic style – where no seat is more than 50 feet from the performers

Big Apple Circus will run at National Harbor from February 14, 2019 through March 24, 2019 and will feature a brand new Mirror Room VIP experience leading into the Big Top tent, with craft circus treats and entertainment for all ages.

This year, audiences will pass through the Grand Entry into Big Apple Circus’s, where adults and children alike will experience new pre-show thrills and sample a dizzying array of culinary delights for all ages—take your hand-spun candy on a stick, or in a cocktail glass!

Upgrades to the food selection include bespoke circus classics and divine cocktail creations by one of the nation’s top mixologists Pamela Wiznitzer (three-time “American Bartender of the Year”).

In addition to tasty bites and bevies for the general public, the VIP Experience in the Mirror Room is peppered with eye-popping fun activities and photo-ops galore.

The 41st season promises another extraordinary show filled with BIG APPLE’s roster of superhero talents, ready to incite jaw-dropping awe and sheer joy in audiences of all ages.

Tickets are now on-sale at, with early bird special pricing available through January 7. The regular performance schedule is Wednesdays at 11am and 7pm; Thursdays at 11am and 7pm; Fridays at 11am and 7pm; Saturdays at 11am, 3pm and 7pm; and Sundays at 12pm and 4pm.

As there are schedule variances, please refer to the most up-to-date calendar on the website. | @BigAppleCircus

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