Tea Shop in DC – Calabash

Calabash, a tea shop in DC, is a mainstay in the Shaw neighborhood, has recently opened its doors near the Brookland Metro.

Calabash serves aromatic teas and tonics, locally baked vegan treats, kombucha on tap, and fair trade coffee.  

The owner, Dr. Sunyatta Amen, is a trained 5th generation master herbalist and a naturopathic physician. She understands the medicinal value of global teas, foods & spices.

There are chai teas, curry teas, green teas, ginger teas, jasmine and Jamaican blends, Kenyan oolong teas, Incan berry blends and many more that might vary from location to location. There is a Calabash in Shaw and a new location in Brookland.

The majority of their 100 tea & coffee blends and vittles are rooted in the owner’s grandmothers’ time-tested recipes – especially the aphrodisiac concoctions.

About those tonic sprays: They are superior blended herbal extracts comparable to drinking 5 cups of tea available in just a few sprays in your mouth. There are sprays that; ease anxiety & manage stress, memory & concentration, and blood pressure support to list a few. They are easy to travel with and can be used anywhere!

Calabash, a Tea Shop in DC Locations:

Calabash SHAW. 1847 7th St NW, Washington DC 20001.

Calabash BROOKLAND. 2701 12th St NE, Washington DC 20018.

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