Tamra Barney Arrives in DC with Cuca Fresca in Hand

Washington, DC (March 8, 2013)Tamra Barney, cast member of the Real Housewives of Orange Country recently hosted a cocktail tasting and bottle signing event in Dupont Circle in honor of her new partnership with Cuca Fresca.

Cuca Fresca is the first and only line of premium, artisanally-made, organic cachaças. Founded in 2006 by a family with decades of cachaça-making experience, Cuca Fresca’s exceptional spirits are leaders in the category and have won several of the industry’s top honors, including a Double Gold Medal from the San Francisco World spirits competition.

“I am extremely excited about my new partnership with Cuca Fresca,” Tamra said. “Eddie fell in love with caipirinhas years ago, during frequent trips to Brazil. When we decided to venture into the spirits business, we were looking for something different and innovative, and were attracted to cachaça because it is the fastest growing spirits category in the United States. We were particularly thrilled to find Cuca Fresca because the product is so on par with who we are; not only is it premium quality, but it is also organic, something that fits into my healthy lifestyle.”

Cuca Fresca Silver Cachaca has subtle coconut and vanilla notes. The spirit is not overtly sweetened, and super smooth perfect for that classic Caipirinha. This smooth rum is made from certified organic sugar cane. To learn more about Tamra Barney, please go to: www.tamra-barney.com

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