Summer is Extended with Islander Ginger Beer and the New Harriott’s Hard Lemonade

As we enter the fall/winter months of 2020, it really feels like we have completely skipped out on the fun summer we were supposed to have before the pandemic.

Fortunately, there are ways to extend those summer vibes by bringing the flavors of the Caribbean into our homes with 100% fresh flavors. 

Coming from the British West Indies Trading Company, a small group located in the Turks and Caicos Islands, bring us small-batch tropical flavors with their Islander Ginger Beer and their new Harriott‘s Hard Lemonade. As you already know, there are many hard sodas on the market, but clear the way because this company pays attention to detail and uses only real high-quality ingredients. 

Better Ingredients. Better Flavor.

Islander Ginger Beer is a recipe from the 1500s using hand-grated fresh ginger, filtered water, cane sugar, ginger, citrus and Caribbean spices.

For Harriott’s Hard Lemonade, every lemon is handpicked and there are only 3 simple ingredients including cane sugar and fresh lemons for a fresh citrus clean, crisp taste. It offers a lighter alternative to malt-based beer.

Great Alone or with Cocktails

Islander’s Ginger Beer works great to make cocktails like a Gingerita or a Jamaican mule, and elevate a Mimosa using Harriott’s Hard Lemonade, or pair them with home-made ceviche or slow-cooked ribs.

Where to Shop

They are available at Harris Teeter’s, in NOMA located near the Galludet metro station, but they are also available at Whole Foods, Total Wine and More, Wegmans, and some local wine and liquor stores.

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