St. Regis Hotel

In January 2008, Sills Huniford Associates, the New York City-based interior design firm took on revamping the 1926 Carlton Hotel as the new St Regis Hotel with Italian Renaissance opulence adorned with European antiques and mirror finishes.

Since President Calvin Coolidge ceremoniously opened its doors, this palace hotel has hosted every president, and serves many international dignitaries.

The St Regis Bar, Adour, incorporates 19th century neo-classical with rich black lacquered walls, Kenyan Black Marble, purples, cream and metallic disks. The bar and restaurant, is designed by the Rockwell Group, who is known for theatrical sets, also setting the stage for Broadway’s hairspray, 81st Academy Awards and the soon W Hotel-Paris.

Enjoying a cocktail at the bar is like an evening at an art gallery. Mia Baila, landscape artist and mixologist, picks up a spirited new medium to express her creative side. On the bar menu, I enjoyed Autumn Sangria with cinnamon pearls andTrial by Berry with vanilla nutmeg, Ketel One, and prosecco. The wine list is thoughtfully created by sommelier, Ramon Narvaez, and you can view his passion, encased in floor to ceiling glass as the restaurant’s focal points. Adour hosts impressive selection ofMcCallan (’18-’55) an intrepid offering of Remy Martin’s Louis XIII Black Pearl.

In the bar, charcuterie (Prosciutto, Salami, Teruel ham) and Cheeses were presented with the highest quality, but serves only is a starting point to Executive Chef Julien Jouhannaud’s fantastic dinner menu.

In the evening, the hotel lobby begins to glow as it welcomes the established and powerful; celebrating birthdays, romance, and new deals. Many guests are toasting to health, wealth, love and liberty, and I encourage you all to do the same. À Votre Santé!, To Your Health!

Tip: Familiar with “Sabering”? Observe and enjoy everyday at 5pm.

923 16th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 638-2626

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