SAVE THE DATE: Bluegrass FY5 at Pearl Street Warehouse Tuesday March 13, 2018

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Colorado’s FY5 proudly swim in the deep currents of American music, playing new songs, well-informed of country and bluegrass traditions, but not bound to them. Featuring thoughtful arrangements, strong singing and musicianship, the band strives to connect to listeners with stories of common struggles and big ideas. While their sound evokes timelessness, it is decidedly contemporary, well-traveled 21st century sensibility that informs their songwriting.

As they share the stories that drive the songs, FY5’s show leaves listeners certainly with tapping toes, but ranging thoughts as well. FY5 recently released their 4th full-length in September 2017, The Way These Things Go, featuring their trademark story songs, clever arranging, and catchy hooks. The band was selected as official showcase artists for the 2017 International Bluegrass Music Association conference including a songwriter showcase with Mike Finders.

$10. Tuesday March 13, 2018. 8:00pm. The Wharf. Pearl Street Warehouse. 33 Pearl Street SW, Washington, DC 20024

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