Ritz Carlton Georgetown

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, the sound of thunderous roars of motorcycles filled the rainy streets of Georgetown. Love for those who have served their country created a strong heartbeat to the Nation’s Capitol.  Ducking away from the bustling Wisconsin and M St crossway, I was welcomed into the former incinerator; The Georgetown Ritz Carlton.  Sturdy and sharp red brick composes this 1932, function-only structure. Reopened in 2003 by Gary Edward Handel + Associates Architects, form blends seamlessly with boutique touches, making this hotel a unique gem in the classically refined Ritz collection, more familiarly found at the 22nd St location.

The incinerator’s fiery past inspired interior designer Debra King to utilize Baltimore based David Edward’s sustainable furniture selections using vibrant red and orange fabrics. Original brick mixed with mechanical golds, iron and imperious pieces of artwork by Rick Arnitz, Doug & Starn, add a modern gallery feel to the lobby space.

Downstairs is the Chimney Stack Room, where I was fortunate enough to photograph before a couple celebrated a private anniversary dinner. This is the actual chimney stack and the viewpoint upwards is remarkable. Up the iron stairs, you will enter the Executive Chef Quang Duong’s Fahrenheit sizzles, where I found travelers enjoying a quiet dinner. Downstairs to the end of the lobby is Degrees, another red inspired space with Erin Parish’s artwork hangs. The cocktail and bar menu is one of the most basic I’ve ever seen, so I suggest a nice wine or champagne, and bring good company.  This is a fun, quiet lobby that should serve as a good start to your Georgetown evening…

Which brought me to L2, the member’s only lounge to an event hosted by Fletcher Gill’s Luke’s Wings, an organization dedicated to the support of service members who have been wounded in battle. Casino Royale was the theme and the attendees were dressed sophistically appropriate in Bond girl attire and tuxedos. Playing poker, roulette and craps with our young veterans and friends was a truly an entertaining and exciting time, something to always be mindful for, especially during the Memorial Day Weekend.

For more information on all the artwork at this location, please visit the front desk and ask them for a “Millennium Partners” pamphlet.

3100 South Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 912-4100


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