REVIEW: Yotel in New York City

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New York, NY (May 16, 2013) – In 2011, envoking Japanese sensibility, the Yotel hotel relaunched the New York neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen by establishing what could be mistaken as an international space station.

When you enter the first floor lobby, you will be greeted by a bellman who prompts you to a row of check-in screens reminiscent of airline kiosks. The white lobby is quiet except for the sounds of rolling luggage being pulled by tourists in a rush, maybe heading to Times Square, only blocks away. To the right and behind glass, is an impressive robotic ‘arm,’ assisting guests to store suitcases and duffel bags. The name of this arm is dubbed, “Luggage Yobot.” After your key cards print out, you’ll be lead to a glossy honey combed textured wall framing the elevators, taking you up to Level 4.

The elevator doors open to a smiling hairy hipster moose statue, and a screen for all those Instagram photos using the hashtag #yotel. The multi-purpose space on Level FOUR offer private glassed-in cabins, perfect for a small private events. There is a gym; treadmills and weights, essentially enough to get in a good workout while on travel. In the AM, Level FOUR offers complimentary coffee and muffins while the sounds of birds chirping play softly throughout the lobby.

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Around the corner, is the Latin-Asian Doyho restaurant and Green Lounge, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Brunch at the weekend, especially on Sundays, has a really lively party atmosphere and usually has live performances and always a DJ. An ‘AYCD/AYCE’ brunch is offered at $40. For more information and menus from Dohyo and for Brunch click here. Friendly servers offer travelers city-suggestions beyond bus tours, restaurants and broadway shows.

The Room in 1522 was called a Premium Cabin- Queen, a 170-square foot compact space with retractable (think of a motorized futon) bed, which can be used as a sitting area when you’re not sleeping. Internet access is problem and error free, with a simple log-in prompt. The room is small, but you won’t really notice, because of the efficiency of the space. Walls are insulated, and you might not hear anyone on either side, or walking the hallways. Inside, there are sheer curtains dividing the bathroom space from the bed space. If you are traveling with someone, you better feel comfortable in your own skin. You’ll get a good sleep, and all of your electronics will get a good charged too as there plenty of outlets.

There are a few rooms that are larger, like a 340 square foot ‘first cabin’ with its own terrace and hot tub.

This is a very do-it-yourself kind of hotel, sensible, clean and smart. “Automated Satisfaction” is what the Yotel delivers.

There are four Yotel locations in the world; Amsterdam, London Heathrow, London Gatwick, and in the New York. Rooms in New York vary, but looking ahead, were priced around $225 – $314 a night. Yotel in New York is located at 570 10th Ave, New York, NY 10036.

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