Review: Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Palm Springs, CA (February 7, 2012) – Ah Palm Springs. An oasis of relaxation and retirement. This is the spot for sunny warm weather almost year round. Blue skies beg you to sit by the pool and open that book you’ve always wanted to finish.

About a mile away from the main downtown district, is the Ace Hotel. A Westward Ho Hotel in its previous life, this up-cycled hipster hangout almost forces you to loosen up and put on your dad’s fedora and forget about anything beyond it’s white walls. This is a hotel for a younger crowd, college groups, and LA’s underground music scene. And just because you might not be, doesn’t mean you wont have a great time.

The Ace Group started in Seattle in the 90’s and then opened their Portland hotel in 2007, followed by New York and Palm Springs in 2009.

For the Palm Springs’ interiors, the L.A.-based visual design team Commune built on the Ace penchant for pure design and honest materials. Commune’s collaboration with Atelier Ace transports the guest to an indulgent bohemian camping experience. Utilitarian and beautiful, the design of Ace Palm Springs caters to the guest who seeks the simple and sublime.

The Ace Hotel Palm Springs will take you back to a better time.

The rooms are designed to embrace indoor-outdoor living with cloaked, tent-like walls and a concrete floor. They open onto patios with outdoor fireplaces. Incorporating the Ace vision of functionality, the headboard of the custom-built bed comes equipped with cloth pockets for storage of magazines and other reading materials. Each room features slatted walls where guests can hang pictures or artwork, promoting personalization of each room.

Simple Tofu Scramble make the list on King’s Highway’s menu.

The color palette for the rooms is soothing and natural. The furniture is vintage, giving a unique, handcrafted feel to each room. Materials used in the rooms include bleached canvas, wormy butternut wood, denim and hemp—all in line with Ace’s hybrid goal of comfort and sustainability. Although the rooms provide an atmosphere of escape, they’re civilized—each one of the 180 rooms has everything you need.

The food in the restaurant (a former Denny’s) redefines roadside diner fare as part of an American peasant food tradition. Tofu scramble for breakfast, and an awesome burger sit well on the menu.

The Stargazing Deck above the Clubhouse is really nice for small receptions, especially in the evening. It overlooks the pool and mountains so you can get inspired or spy on people. It’s a good place for casual meetings, small receptions, cocktail parties and morning yoga.

The Ace Hotel Group seek out independent businesses, local artisans and young talent to drive their properties’ development. They look for creative ways to be resourceful and sustainable. They believe in a better way of doing things, no matter the scale.

This is a place that begs you to relax and enjoy the uncomplicated view.

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