Red Velvet Banana Pudding is Coming to Magnolia Bakery

magnolia bakery washington dc cherry blossom cupcake 2019

Magnolia Bakery‘s 5th annual National Banana Pudding Day is Thursday, August 29, 2019.

To celebrate, they are launching the new, limited-edition red velvet banana pudding flavor.

Banana Pudding Happy Hour: From August 22-August 28, medium banana puddings will be $5 from 5-6PM at all US stores, including the location in Union Station.

Red Velvet Banana Pudding: Last but not least, for a limited time only, they will be offering a NEW banana pudding – red velvet – at all stores (DC, as well as NYC, LA, Chicago and Boston) from August 29-September 1.

The pudding has layers of handmade red velvet cake and cream cheese icing, as well as vanilla pudding, vanilla wafers and bananas.

Magnolia Bakery. ORDER NOW on Address: 50 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002. Phone: (202) 424-2224.

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