Ottoman Taverna in Mount Vernon to Debuts Weekend Brunch

New spread. Ottoman Taverna.
New spread. Ottoman Taverna.

Washington, DC – Ottoman Taverna, located within the Mount Vernon Triangle at 425 I Street Northwest, will launch Saturday and Sunday brunch service on Saturday May 28, 2016.

Brunch will be served from 11am – 3pm in the spacious 160-seat main dining room, which overlooks the exhibition kitchen.

– Türk Kahvaltı Tabağı (Turkish Breakfast), sunny side up eggs, olives and feta cheese, served with a tomato and cucumber salad
– Sultan Kahvaltı Tabağı (Sultan’s Breakfast), sunny side up eggs, marinated olives, feta cheese, tomato & cucumber salad, honeycomb, kaymak, fig jam and beef mortadella
– Sucuklu veya Pastırmalı Yumurta (Sucuklu or Pastırmalı Eggs), sunny side up egg with sucuk or pastırma
– Kavurma, crispy lamb, served with melted kashkaval cheese
– Menemen, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, onions and sweet peppers
– Turkish Egg White Frittata, egg white, feta cheese, spinach, mushrooms and sumac
– Türk Omleti (Turkish Omelette), crispy potatoes, feta cheese, olive, onion and parsley
Sultans Poached Egg, poached egg, served with garlic yogurt and spiced butter.
– Süzme Yogurt & Honey with candied hazelnuts, strawberry and pistachio
– Gözleme, folded yufka dough stuffed with potatoes & cheese
– Peynirli Börek (Cheese Pastry), phyllo dough stuffed with cheese

DRINKS ($5-8):
– Mimosa
– Peach Mimosa
– Blood Orange Mimosa
– Bloody Mary
– Bosphorus Breeze (vodka, fresh basil leaves, fresh lemon juice, lavender syrup, and a splash of sparkling wine)

Dinner is served daily, from 4pm – 10pm. For more information, call (202) 847-0395, or go HERE.

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