One Eight Distilling Unveils New ‘District Made’ Spirits Portfolio

As part of One Eight Distilling’s evolution with this new branding, created in collaboration with Thoroughbred Spirits Group, the distillery is pleased to announce their partnership with leading North American beverage distributor, Breakthru Beverage Group. This relationship will expand One Eight’s availability in the DC and MD markets with additional growth in the Mid-Atlantic in the near future.

The bold, industrial District Made design is inspired by the distillery’s sense of pride in Ivy City, it’s neighborhood in northeast DC. The new packaging features a custom octagonal glass bottle embossed with the distillery’s logo and three stars on each side, referencing the DC flag. The octagonal shape pays homage to the distillery’s namesake, Article One, Section Eight of the United States Constitution; the provision that called for a district to become the nation’s capital.

“We’re proud to live and work in Washington, DC so the mission of District Made is to feature local grains in our own recipes to create spirits that uniquely showcase flavors of the Mid-Atlantic region,” says Co-founder and CEO Sandy Wood.

“Having watched their targeted growth and expertly executed redesign I knew I wanted them for BBG DC to shine a light on Breakthru DC’s local craft portfolio.” said Jill Sites, Regional Trident Director of Breakthru Beverage – East Region.

One Eight Distilling. 1135 Okie St NE, Washington, DC 20002. (202) 636-6638.

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