New Year’s Eve: Supra – DC’s Georgian Restaurant

Supra, Washington DC’s first Georgian restaurant, is celebrating New Year’s Eve with a five-course prix fixe menu, giving guests an opportunity to fill their table with Georgian foods traditionally served for special occasions.

The New Year’s menu at Supra includes options from five sections of the menu including hot and cold starters, dips, khachapuri, larger dishes, and desserts. Guests who opt for the earlier seating ($75) will enjoy a glass of complimentary Bagrationi sparkling wine and an optional Georgian wine pairing for each course ($32). Guests who chose to take part in the later seating ($95) will be treated to a glass of Bagrationi sparkling wine as well as a glass of wine. The later seating will include party favors to ring in the new year at Supra.

“Setting the Table”
Pkhali Assorti | Spreads “Makho” | Cheese Board | Breads

Turkey Satsivi | Pork & Beef Dorma | Salad “Kutaisi” | Lobio Nigvzit | Khachapuri (six types)

Large Plates
Beef Strip Steak | Seared Duck Breast | Baked Whole Trout | Suckling Pig | Grilled Lamb Chops |

Traditional Assorted Sweets | Gosinaki | Chocolate Ice Cream | Napoleon

Seating options at Supra for New Year’s are from 5:00pm – 8:30pm and 9:00pm – midnight. Reservations must be made by phone at (202) 789-1205.

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