New Series: Tips, Tricks, and Cocktail Series Hosted on Halfsmoke’s Instagram Account

HalfSmoke is pleased to debut a new Quarantini Virtual Cocktail Series. Spearheaded by Julie Andre, sales events manager for HalfSmoke, virtual cocktail classes will stream live on HalfSmoke’s Instagram account (@halfsmokeDC) on Mondays and Thursdays, from 6 pm to 7 pm.

These bi-weekly cocktail tutorials are complimentary and will teach viewers everything from tropical-style tiki drinks to aphrodisiac cocktails to spice up the night. Seven local bartenders will share tips, tricks and home-bartending ideas on Halfsmoke’s Instagram while demonstrating a series of craft cocktails using ingredients most people readily have.

Viewers are also encouraged to leave a ‘virtual tip’ by sending money to the bartender’s Venmo, Cash App or Zelle accounts. The complete list of Halfsmoke’s Quarantini Virtual Cocktail series is listed below:

Thursday, April 23, 6-7 pm with Tiger Fork

Well+Good. Bartenders Lisandro Meza and Michael Loria of Tiger Fork (@lisandromeza_ @michael_michael.michael on Instagram) will spotlight a series of aphrodisiac and medicinal cocktails inspired by Chinese medicine. Standouts include the Aphrodisiac with Convite mezcal, cardamom pods, lime, miso paste, honey and habanero shrub and the March
Into May Penicillin with Zacapa rum, elderflower, chrysanthemum tea, cinnamon bitters and turmeric root. Virtual tips can be left through Venmo: @lisandro-guardado @yngmichael.

Monday, April 27, 6-7 pm with Left Door

Caribbean Breeze. Bartender Fabian Malone oLeft Door and Dougie’s Backyard (dougiesbackyard & roninbartender on Instagram) will be on hand to pour The Jamaican Godfather, which is made from a combination of Wray & Nephew Overproof rum, Averna, mango chutney, honey syrup and lime juice. Virtual tips can be left through Venmo: @roninbartender.

Thursday, April 30, 6-7 pm with Don Tito

Quarantine Favorites. Bartender Kat Basile of Don Tito (@kat_basile on Instagram) will stop by to demo two of her favorite libations: The Convite with Convite mezcal, house-made chili and white peppercorn syrup and fresh lime juice, garnished with a sriracha sea salt rim and the Tickle My Banana with Denizen rum, banana simple syrup, brown sugar syrup, Falernum and nutmeg, garnished with a maraschino cherry and banana. Virtual tips can be left through Venmo: @Katherine-Basile.

Monday, May 4, 6-7 pm with The Cactus

Tried-and-True. Malachi Smith of Lily & The Cactus (@thelastmalachi on Instagram) will pay respect to the classics, focusing on the world’s favorite and most endearing libations: the Daquiri, Margarita and Micheladas. Virtual tips can be left through Paypal:

Thursday, May 7, 6-7 pm with Bidwell

Bartender’s Choice on Thursday, May 7, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Bartender Cassie Womack of Bidwell Union Market (@cassien0va on Instagram) will stop by to demo two mystery cocktails. Virtual tips can be left through Venmo: @cassandra-womack or Cash App: $cassien0va.

Tune in at @halfsmokeDC!

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