New 2018 Summer Dishes Now at Toki Underground

toki underground ramen h street washington dc 2018

It is that time of year, where seasons change, and so do the menus.

DC’s first ramen shop, Toki Underground, has added several new dishes for the summer, including:

Vegan – Avocado and beet summer noodles chilled broth
Made with beet juice, avocado, soy, mirin, sesame, preserved lemon and ginger served with noodles, cilantro, dill, pickles, shiitake, cucumbers, kale, and grilled tofu ($12.50)

Gluten Free – Shiobuta pork belly salt cured for two days
Then poached in kombu dashi and star anise. Served DIY lettuce wrap style with chilled with lettuce, dill, basil, beni shoga, and honey mustard ($9)

Vegan, Gluten Free – Leeks with leek vin poached leeks a top of leek puree
Boiled leek greens blended with mustard, olive oil and vinegar to make the vinaigrette, sprinkled with sesame seeds ($6)

Yaki Soba pan-fried noodles with Napa cabbage
monster belly cubes and scallions topped with a fried egg ($12.50)

Asparagus poached in dashi
served with a mirin-soy-sesame vinaigrette ($5)

Salmon steamed buns
Hot-smoked sesame and honey salmon with cucumber mayo on steamed buns ($11 — available Friday/Saturdays only)

Toki has also debuted two new summer cocktails: their version of a pina colada, the CalPina Colada, made with Calpico, a Japanese soft drink, Plantation dark and white rum, pineapple juice, lime, and coconut cream; and a mango margarita called Man’go Get The Tequila with Peligroso tequila, mango, ginger, lime, and their house smoked togarashi seasoning.

Toki Underground. 1234 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002. (202) 388-3086.

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