Luxury Lighting Elevates the Hotel Experience

soraa conrad osaka luxury lighting hotels

Luxury lighting company Soraa has always been a fixture in lighting design projects that incorporate strong artistic and design elements. So when world-renown lighting design firm Worktecht reached out with a new hotel project that needed to blend visual art and design, it was a no-brainer.

“The interior design concept for the hotel was ‘The Address to the Sky.’ The natural elements of ‘Water’, ‘Sky’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Star’ became the theme of each area. We were really inspired by these elements and started to think about how the lighting could bring the corresponding special atmosphere and perception to immerse people in.” – Atsushi Kaneda, Founder and Designer of Worktecht.

soraa conrad osaka luxury lighting hotels japan
Hallway detail.

The Conrad Osaka is a 5-star hotel located in the middle of the Umeda and Namba districts in downtown Osaka that opened its doors in June of 2017. The 40 story Conrad boasts impressive views of the downtown cityscape, but the real draw of the hotel lies inside where light, stunning visual art, and architectural elements perfectly collide.

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