Looking for Flexible Office Space in Washington, DC? Check Out SquareFoot’s Listings Platform

As Washingtonians are thinking about the future of their careers and deciding to launch their own enterprises, we’re seeing shifts taking place in the traditional office space industry. Washington, DC, has long been known as an attractive place to found a startup, especially if the work overlaps with politics and policy. But that’s not the only sweet spot anymore that defines DC.

No matter who you are, or what company you lead, you can find what you seek in the nation’s capital.

Recently, DC was announced as the 8th largest city in the country when it comes to flexible office space. Typically, but not always, this reflects an entrepreneurial culture – it takes some time for a new organization to find its footing and to be able to afford to move into a robust office space of its own.

Coworking has changed the game for people who either would opt to work from home or from crowded, noisy coffee shops.

Perceiving this increasing shift in an evolving description of the DC area, SquareFoot, a commercial brokerage house headquartered in NYC, chose DC as its next destination for expansion. But that wasn’t the extent of it.

SquareFoot recognized that coworking wasn’t always going to be a fitting solution for growing companies. When they look to leave coworking spaces, they’ll likely run into the same hurdles that have always existed for small companies seeking their first space: negotiating a lease term that caters to them and matches their profile.

That’s why SquareFoot created FLEX, which enables growing companies of a certain size and scale to find the two- or three-year leases they desire. For the first time, DC-area companies can identify the office space they want and pair it with the term they want.

Flexibility in office space is here to stay. It’s in the application of it that we’re continuing to see innovation. No company needs a one-size-fits-all solution for office space or for any other investments they make or with partners and vendors helping them.

To reach new heights, you have to have the mastery of a subject area and the vision to think beyond what’s available on the market today.

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