Lobbying for 2013 with DJ Neekola

Washington, DC (December 28, 2012) – We sat down with Washington’s hottest music remix artist, DJ Neekola to ask her what her New Years plans are and share some of her best travel moments. She is a hard one to catch, so find out what makes this beat enthusiast tick.

DJ Neekola will be spinning in the New Year at the Gaylord National. Photo by Tim Coburn.

The Washington Lobbyist: What is a day in the life of a DJ?
DJ Neekola: Normally its running around meeting with clients, going through music every day, organizing my schedule and trying to find new hot technology to incorporate into my performances. Now I have an assistant, Ciera, who is helping me to cut some of the admin out so I can focus more on the music!

How does that answer go over with people you meet when you’re out with your friends?
I haven’t been spending a lot of time out with friends lately, as I’ve been 100% engrossed in my business and new endeavors…however my resolution for 2013 is to spend a few days each week dedicated to friends and family only!

You’re currently hosting events for new years. Tell me about that.
Yes! BIG NIGHT DC, (bignightdc.com) is the area’s biggest party, last year there was around 7,000 attendees at the Gaylord Convention Center and Hotel. This year I’m performing in the VIP room, in addition to a special surprise appearance beforehand.

Speaking of hotels, tell me about your favorites here in Washington.
I love the Hotel Helix! Its so fun, unique and boutique…I like things that have a less commercial feel. I’d say Kimpton properties are some of my faves around town, and Donovan Hotel as well, (recently purchased by Kimpton), is another fun place to stay in the city.

Donovan House is one of DJ Neekola’s local favorites.

Does being a DJ allow you to travel?
Yes! In the United States I normally travel up and down the East Coast to perform, with Nordstrom for fashion shows, or nightclubs. I also have done a lot of travel to Europe (Spain, Greece, Switzerland) to play some clubs / bars and private events, and Argentina (Buenos Aires) for some smaller night clubs as well.

What has been one of your most memorable trips?
One of my favorite memories is performing at PARADISO in Rodos, Greece — it was so memorable because they had my posters all over the island, along with posters from Sandra Collins and John Graham who were also there to play the night before me. The promoter is a dear friend, and he treated us all like family the entire week we were there. The performance was amazing as well – the club was situated on a beach where I played until the sun rose with my dear friends in the booth with me. Best memory ever!

Besides New Years, where can we find you perform regularly?
I currently can be found around town once a month at Masa 14, L2, and Auld Shebeen regularly, otherwise I have tons of other special performances coming up, such as Crystal Couture in Crystal City in February, other guest night club appearances, and a new residency in the works where I can announce that location next week =) All my dates / locations can be found on djneekola.com

Born in New York, and residing in Germany for a time, Neekola was introduced to her soul mate; electronic dance music. Check out Big Night DC at www.bignightdc.com. Tickets start at $149.99 and are going up!

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