Linden Wines Hosts Wine Dinner at J&G

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Washington, DC (February 6, 2012) – Just last week, the J&G Steakhouse hosted its first wine dinner of 2012 with Virginia’s Linden Vineyards on Monday, January 30.

Jim Law is the owner/winemaker of Linden Vineyards. An Ohio native, he was raised in the 1960’s and 1970’s by parents who loved to share their passion for food and wine. Linden Vineyards is a 5,000 case winery and vineyard situated on the Virginia Blue Ridge, 65 miles west of Washington, D.C.

Seared cod with scallion-chili sauce and basil and celery.
Seared cod with scallion-chili sauce and basil and celery.

Jim was present for the four-course dinner and shared some of his favorite bottles to a sold-out table full serving a wonderful group of wine aficionados. The dinner featured a seared cod with scallion-chili sauce and basil and celery, grilled beef short ribs with red wine glaze, Asian pear and herbs. To pair with the short ribs, the winemaker shared his 2006 Avenius. As a special treat, he also opened up a 2004 Avenius to share what a difference two more years in the bottle can provide a wine. For this 2004, you will really get some great blackberry notes and the spice on the palate came across as licorice.  This wine really coated the mouth with smooth, silky tannins.  This wine was big, yet subtle and nuanced.

The dinner ended with the J&G cheesecake paired with a 2006 Vidal Late Harvest. This wine, with a palate of apricot, honeysuckle, and good minerality provided a perfect ending. The dinner was led by J&G Sommelier Guy Golan.

For a list of upcoming dinner events, please check out J&G Steakhouse website.

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