JRINK Now Offers Drive-Thru Service in Clarendon

Behold its juicy glory!

Clarendon, VA – JRINK is combining health with convenience with debut of their first full-service drive-thru location and storefront.

Now open in Clarendon on 3260 Wilson Boulevard, JRINK’s newest location allows customers to enjoy a drive-thru experience that keeps your health in check, as well as a full storefront offering their signature juices, warm beverages, and superfoods.

Previously available through online delivery and for pick-up at JRINK’s five existing retail spaces, the brand has helped many people – of varying levels of health and fitness – sustain healthy, active lifestyles by offering juices that act as healthy supplements for traditional meals in a convenient way.

Each JRINK flavor (ranging from $9-$10 each or $155 for a full, three-day reboot) contains up to five pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, and had lead JRINK to become a lifestyle brand where customers can incorporate JRINK juices – which are completely free of added sugar, preservatives and chemicals – into their daily diet at their own pace and reap health benefits from the inside out.

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