Jefferson Offers Hibiscus Cocktail for Japan

The Hanami Hibiscus Cherry Martini, garnish with Vanilla Cotton Candy and fresh cherry blossoms.

Washington, DC (March 28, 2011) – In 1912, Washington, D.C. famously received a gift of Japanese cherry trees from the mayor of Tokyo – a symbol of continued friendship. The trees and their annual transformation have come to define the landscape of the capital in the 99 years since.

Now, with spring’s renewal again underway, there is a poignant call to action as Japan begins to rebuild following recent natural disasters and related aftermath. The Jefferson, Washington, DC has designed a specialty cocktail at Quill lounge – the Hanami Hibiscus Cherry Martini – and will dedicate 50% of revenue from the $19 drink to the American Red Cross relief efforts for Japan.

“We hope this small gesture will remind patrons of our shared commitment to support our friends in Japan, and that the donation will offer aid to those that need it most,” said Franck Arnold, managing director of The Jefferson.

Available during the capital’s National Cherry Blossom Festival (through April 10, 2011), the cherry-inspired concoction is the brainchild of head mixologist, Massimiliano Matte.

For those unable to join The Jefferson this spring, donations can be made directly to and the Hanami Hibiscus Cherry Martini recipe follows:

Franck Arnold and Massimiliano Matte.

–          1 Orange Segment
–          1tsp Granulated Sugar
–          1oz Hibiscus Flower Infusion
–          1oz Pre-Made Cherry Mix
–          1oz Lemongrass-Cinnamon Infused Vodka
–          1 dash Licor 42
–          Prosecco

–          Dust the rim of a chilled martini glass with lemongrass sugar
–          Muddle orange and granulated sugar in shaker
–          Add next four ingredients
–          Shake well and strain into martini glass
–          Add a “Red-Lightening Ice Cube” (a Jefferson Hotel-signature)
–          Top with Prosecco
–          Garnish with Vanilla Cotton Candy and fresh cherry blossoms

Head over to the Jefferson hotel for this intellectually composed cocktail all while helping those in need.

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