Jackson 20

From their web site: Named for U.S. President Andrew Jackson and his visage on the $20 bill, we honor our namesake by providing affordable food and drink in a social environment. If the “man of the people” were here today, we think he would appreciate our strong, innovative and hospitable attitude.

Jackson 20 is an American Tavern that evokes the rich history of our location with modern sensibilities and a pioneering approach. Communal tables and a view to the kitchen add to the bustling town-center atmosphere. Regional dishes are prepared with traditional wood-fire cooking methods and fresh, local ingredients that vary with the seasons.

The stage is set from the moment you arrive. You are greeted by both a warm welcome and a giant bronze pig. As with many Colonial-era taverns and inns, this iconic bronze statue presides over the room as a symbol of hospitality and abundance. The pig, President Jackson’s favorite animal, appears as a motif at your table as well, in the form of whimsical, pig-shaped napkin rings. But this light-hearted nod to our namesake does not belie our sincere focus on excellent food and drink.

At Jackson 20, our sense of place is primary and contemporary classics abound.

Jackson20 New American Tavern
480 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

(703) 842-2790

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