Recipe: IZO Mezcal Perfect Margarita

Founded by Gaston Martinez – a native of Durango, Mexico – IZO Mezcal offers a collection of premium, handcrafted agave spirits produced sustainably right in the heart of this rural town according to centuries of tradition. 

Made sustainably from slow-roasted, wild agave hearts harvested on local ranches, every sip of award-winning IZO Mezcal speaks to generations of Mezcaleros bringing people together around shared values of community, celebration, and savoring the reward of a job well done. 

Every aspect of IZO pays respect to its point of origin, from the locally-sourced Onyx featured atop the bottle to the elegant, minimalist design that allows the flavorful spirit within to shine.

The pure, sophisticated taste tells the story of centuries’ old Mexican tradition and of one man’s vision to share it with the world.

With celebrations looking a lot different this year, I wanted to keep your spirits high. IZO Mezcal shares its famous MargarIZO recipe with a few simple ingredients!

Their recipe for lasting success includes updating a uniquely old-world approach with a steadfast commitment to modern sustainable measures. Wey begins by responsibly sourcing the agave and desert spoon growing wild and free on local ranches.

Every batch is hand-harvested to preserve peak quality while ensuring the safety and longevity of area wildlife. After distilling, the IZO team reduces waste by repurposing the processed natural plant fibers, returning them to area ranchers for use as livestock bedding. 

IZO Mezcal Perfect Margarita

Classic, Tart, subtly smoky.


2oz. IZO IZO Mezcal 1 Lime, Juiced 1/2 oz. Grand Marnier


Pour all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake. Salt the rim. Add ice to glass. Pour over ice. garnish with lime.


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