Intravenous Hydration Therapy – Now Available At Home On-Demand

Have you heard of those “Hangover Cure” transports in Las Vegas? Well, now there is a service available for the DC-area.

Dr. Nagula, also known as the “I.V. Doc,” has recently launched a dedicated service to I.V. hydrotherapy and offers a concierge service in which you can be treated at your home, office, event, hotel, or out of town visitors.

It is used for everything from migraines and the flu to jet lag or to help aid a serious hangover. The I.V. Doc also offers services to cleanse, detox, refresh, revive and even help with dry skin due to exposure both to the cold outside air or dry indoor heat.

Celebrities use it to beautify before awards shows. Plus, with people traveling for the SuperBowl and other events, proponents can use it to pre-hydrate before a night out on the town or recover from jet lag.

$199-399. Call anytime to schedule by phone (844) 843-4836. Learn more HERE.

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