Hotel Madison

On Thursday, I began my inaugural post at the Madison Hotel.

It was the beginning of the storm, and the snow was falling innocently. Around eight o’clock, I entered the 2002 renovated (and 2008 refurbished) Madison Hotel passing through its large glass doors that were opened by two seasoned doormen.

Showcasing classical ambiance, its décor is from the Federal era but is almost Asian-inspired with rich lacquered tables and angular positioned seating arrangements. The partners from the Buccini/Pollin Group, Monument Realty LLC, and Multi-Employer Property Trust updated the “Correct Address” from the late Washington developer, philanthropist and collector Marshal Coyne, by re-creating a welcoming experience that was only a memory before 2002.

Dining is an art in a humorous form at Palette Restaurant and Bar, headed by Chef James Clark, while Postscript Bar is quietly set to the side with a feel of a cozy library. Only later in the evening did patrons start filling the lobby, heralding from South Carolina, Japan, and Missouri, being called by the warm satisfaction from their impressive bourbon and whiskey selection. I enjoyed a mojito, appropriately called “the Dolly.”

Quiet organized conversation involving administrative education and advocacy training, many guests were there on business, with a few locals buried in their books and laptops, sating their appetites with glasses of wine, cheese plates and small bites.

If you are near Thomas Circle and want to escape into a quiet spot for quiet and casual conversation, please stop in. I’ll see you in the Lobby.

15th and H Street, NW
1177 15th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 862-1600

More information and reservations, please go to: Madison Hotel

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