Healthy Fresh Meals – Chef Prepared Food Delivery Enters the Washington, DC Area

Healthy Fresh Meals is a new, local, freshly prepared meal service that can be delivered straight to your door. What makes this meal prep delivery service so unique is that it offers no minimums or subscriptions to their services and based in Hyattsville, Maryland.

The Menu

Did you know? Healthy Fresh Meals is the official meal prep service for the DC United and offers “Athlete Meals,” featuring good carb and high protein meals. They can also do low-carb options like steak and vegetables, turkey burgers and brussels sprouts.

Protein pancakes, quiche and protein doughnuts.

They also offer bulk items like 10 ounces of salmon or 16-ounce chicken portions. For breakfast, they have blueberry protein pancakes, eggs and cheese sandwiches, and quiches. And for dessert, they have protein red velvet sandwich cookies, chocolate protein donuts, and snacks, and a few grocery items.


Prices range from $11.25-$14. Bulk items might be up to $25, and breakfast items as low as $10 and snack and dessert options range about $4.50.

Healthy Fresh Meals also can cater to your next event as soon as things start opening up and corporate wellness programs for employees.

The chef-prepared meals deliver on Sundays. They also have pick-up locations. Their meals are appropriately portioned out and can quickly be heated and ready to eat.

This is out of the box and on a plate.

Many of the changing menus will be compliant with your whole30, Paleo, Keto, low-carb, clean, and vegetarian diets. Healthy Fresh Meals, sources the highest-quality ingredients so they can make all-natural, healthy meals and deliver them right to your doorstep, fresh and ready to eat. They are great-tasting, wholesome food that are both healthy and satisfying. I was very impressed.

Please take a look today at their website and save 10% with my code HFM10.

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