Hay Adams Hotel In DC Adds Shinola Bicycles as a New Guest Amenity

As a guest of the Hay Adams Hotel, you can now cruise Washington in a Shinola Bicycle.

Three-speed Shinola bicycles with
Three-speed Shinola bicycles with “Hay Adams” vanity plates.
Washington, DC – The Hay-Adams is pleased to debut four new three-speed Shinola bicycles available for guests staying on-property. They are stylishly equipped with “The Hay-Adams” vanity plates, and the concierge can furnish a helmet and bike lock, as well as cycling maps with points of interest and snack-stopping options along the way.

One can even pedal all the way to historic Mount Vernon taking in the Mall and its monuments, the tidal basin, and Potomac River in Alexandria, Virginia on a designated biking trail. Additionally, the hotel is happy to arrange for a complimentary car service to pick up guests and their bikes for those who ventured too far from the property and need assistance back.

“Washington has become a bike-friendly city in recent years with a majority of our city streets lined with visible bike lanes for riders,” says The Hay-Adams Vice President and General Manager Hans Bruland.

Guests are encouraged to call the main number at (202) 638-6600 and select a pick-up time and location. The bikes are available as a complimentary amenity, on a first-come, first-serve basis for guests 16 years of age and older.

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