Hamilton Hotel Washington DC to Offer ‘Lopifit’ Treadmill Bikes to Guests

hamilton hotel washington dc lopitfit electric treadmill bike 2018

As you’ve seen, DC has more than its share of outdoor bikes, and, lately, scooters.

Now, joining the two-wheel trend is a new kind of bike, the Lopifit electric walking bike, that is offered exclusively to guests of The Hamilton Hotel Washington, DC.

The hotel recently debuted a fleet of six Lopifits, a new, innovative way of moving and imported from the Netherlands.

Hamilton guests who want to take in the sites, while obtaining a quick workout, now have complimentary access to the Lopifit bikes, which are propelled by a battery that turns the treadmill while an person walks.

The electric assist in combination with the adjustable multi-speed gears boosts the riders walking pace to speeds equal to or greater than a regular bike.

The rider chooses the gear/speed they want — speeds of 3 to 20 MPH – which offers a low physical impact high cardio high-calorie burn exercise.

Hamilton Hotel – Washington DC. 1001 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005. (202) 682-0111.

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