H. Bloom Delivers in the District

The best of the season. Now in Washington, DC.

Washington, DC (October 12, 2011)H.Bloom just landed in Washington, DC from New York City and delivers bountiful floral arrangements for people who enjoy life’s better offerings.

What this small start up provides is the best from the season, arranges them in a gorgeous bundle perfectly sized for a vase that they give you, and then deliver them.  This is offered for one subscription price, starting at $29, including delivery.

From the investors who brought you Groupon, and accolades in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Fast Company, H. Bloom is well on its way to building the “instant download” of traditional luxuries.

In this subscription model, flower givers and lovers in New York City, Chicago and now Washington DC, can subscribe to H.BLOOM’s flower service and receive weekly delivery of luxurious flowers at a fraction of the price of high-end boutiques. You can even have the option to cut and arrange your own flowers if you would like.

They have a user-friendly website, an interactive blog with tutorial video posts, and an author who is keeps things lively with their humble humor. This is a nice approach to brightening up your day. Check it out at; http://www.hbloom.com/

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