Galette des Rois (Kings Cake) Found at Sofitel

Galette des Rois from the Sofitel in Washington, DC. Photo by Michael Woestehoff.

Washington, DC (January 09, 2013) – Have you heard of a Galette des Rois? It is a delicious cake eaten during the time of Epiphany (when the three kings discovered baby Jesus). Pictured above is the Kings’ Cake offered from the Sofitel Hotel just around the corner of Lafayette Park. Vincent Bitauld, iCi Bistro’s pastry chef, follows a northern French recipe. This rounded pastry consists of flaky puff pastry layers filled with a dense center of frangipane, a sweet almond filling comparable to a firm custard.

Interior of Le Bar of the Sofitel Hotel is a metropolitan escape.

“La Galette des Rois” has been a French tradition since 1870. Each member of the family attending a New Years or Epiphany party takes a piece of the cake hoping to find a hidden token inside, traditionally a baby Jesus or crown figurine. The recipient is then crowned king or queen for the day and is appointed as the host for next year’s party.

Inside the Sofitel Lafayette Square Washington DC and to the left is Le Bar, an inviting rouge metropolitan lounge with dark mahogany accents, plush carpets and high ceilings. This sexy space creates a sleek, glamorous environment that is the perfect backdrop for any gathering. To the right is iCi, a contemporary bistro headed by Chef Franck Loquet, who holds 15 years of culinary and managerial experience working in Michelin-starred hotels and restaurants around the world.

The Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square is located at 806 15th Street NW in Lafayette Square. January 9th is the last day to grab a slice!

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