FIT DC: [solidcore] Muscles You Into Monumental Health

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Washington, DC (January 10, 2015) – Looking for that perfect workout? Look no further. 50-minutes of low-impact [solidcore] offers you a full body workout that aims to work muscle fibers to failure, yes, failure.

Exercises are performed on a megaformer machine – exclusive to [solidcore] in the DC area – and emphasizes slow and controlled full-body movements with constant tension, a process that forces muscles to rebuild in a stronger and more sculpted way.

[solidcore] is an intense workout led by highly skilled certified [solidcore] coaches taking clients through hundreds of moves and resistance options to constantly challenge the body, making it impossible to plateau. The small class sizes of no more than 13 people means each client receives personalized attention and coaches are able to manage different fitness levels in class.

Due to the intense and challenging nature of [solidcore], the workout is not recommended for everyone, only those prepared to create the strongest version of themselves.

Class packages are available, with drop-in rates beginning at $35 per class, and a first-time client offer of $19.

4 locations in DC. For more information visit: www.solidcore.co


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