Düsseldorf is Truly a Global Village

Everything’s close together in Düsseldorf. We are the only major German city that still has the word “Dorf” (village) in ist name – although it has long since become a global village.

It’s here that the industry decides what’s going to be big next season. Düsseldorf is, after all, the fashion capital of Germany. More than 800 showrooms present the latest designer and couture creations, and not just during trade showtimes.

Königsallee, meanwhile, is lined with exclusive boutiques like Armani, Bulgari, Gucci, Jil Sander, Prada, Tiffany & Co. and Versace, forming a stronghold of refined taste.

Königsallee is one of only a handful of internationally regarded streets that can justifiably call themselves a boulevard.

Known affectionately as ‘Kö’, this street is the beating heart of the fashion city, a veritable catwalk lined by beautiful old chestnut trees. Here it’s about seeing and being seen, and putting your best foot forward. But the Kö is not the only place to get your fill of fashion and shopping; if you have a taste for the finer things in life, you’ll love every bit of Düsseldorf.

The city center’s many shopping arcades mean that wet weather needn’t stand in the way of a shopping spree. Schadow Arkaden, Sevens, Kö Galerie and steelwork offer a winning combination of quality and variety, as well as plenty of space.

Kö-Bogen, or the `King’s Bow,’ is a LEED Platinum luxury shopping area.

The Kö-Bogen mall is open and promises to be another jewel in the city’s luxury shopping crown. Even if you’re looking for something with a smaller price tag, you’ll still be spoilt for choice in Düsseldorf. For example, there are the Düsseldorf arcades around Lorettostrasse, or the hip Flingern quarter with its trendy, offbeat offerings.

Culturally minded travelers are particularly well catered for, with events such as the Old Town Autumn attracting tens of thousands of visitors. Düsseldorf also prides itself on its theatres, concert halls, art galleries and places of historical interest, as well as its magnificent parks and gardens. The museums and the acclaimed Düsseldorf Arts Academy add to the city’s reputation as a hub of culture, and every four years the international art world turns its attention to Düsseldorf for the Quadriennale with its high-caliber exhibition program.

Düsseldorf is home to Europe’s third-largest Japanese community after London and Paris. The vibrant Japanese quarter is centered around Hotel Nikko on Immermannstrasse, where you can find Japanese supermarkets, bookshops, restaurants and much more besides.

And if all that fashion, shopping and culture leaves you feeling worn out, you can head to Burgplatz to unwind in style. One of Germany’s most beautiful squares, this is the ultimate weekend and evening hangout for the people of Düsseldorf. So sit back with a glass of altbier, look out to the Rhine and just enjoy the moment.

Christmas market – opening times: 21 Nov – 30 Dec 2019 Sun – Thu 11am – 8pm Fri – Sat 11am – 9pm 24 Dec 2019: 11am – 3pm 26 Dec 2019: 2pm – 8pm.

And don’t forget their epic Christmas Market.

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