Countess of Grantham Collection Debuts – Just in Time for New Season of Downton Abbey

Washington, DC (January 10, 2015) – As we settle into the flow of Downton Abbey’s fifth season, Downton Abbey Wines announced today the launch of the Countess of Grantham Collection – a delicious selection of varietal wines crafted with premium fruit from California.

Inspiration comes from Lady Cora Crawley, the thoroughly modern, American-born wife of British aristocrat Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham. Bold-flavored and fruit forward, the new wines are the perfect counterpart to Downton Abbey Wines’ more classically reserved Bordeaux offerings.

Downton Abbey Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are full-bodied wines with an abundant concentration of color and flavor. Scents of ripe red cherries and subtle oak dominate the nose in the Cabernet Sauvignon with spicy notes and soft vanilla on the palate. The Chardonnay offers the lovely aromas of tropical fruits and delicate oak giving way to citrus flavors on a soft, silky palate.

The new Downton Abbey Wines will be available at select grocery stores and wine retailers for $14.99.

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