Confessions of a Concierge

Beyond the Lobby: Concierge Confidential

(Washington, D.C.) February 27, 2011- Michael Fazio is the ultimate behind-the-scenes support man. Want two orchestra tickets to the Broadway musical that just won the Tony? Call Fazio. How about an upgrade to first class on an overbooked overnight flight to Tokyo? Call Fazio. Or a roomful of fresh hydrangeas—in winter? That’s right. Call Fazio.

From his early start as the harried and neglected personal assistant to a typical L.A. casting agent, Fazio took what he learned there and moved into concierge work at New York City’s Intercontinental Hotel, where he was eventually able to parlay his services into a large and successful business of his own.

This is a great read, giving you insider tips, learning what other’s get when they throw tandrums, and an all-together “how to” when stepping in and out of a great hotel.

In Concierge Confidential, Fazio reveals the behind-the-scenes madness that goes into getting the rich and famous what they want, and shares some great insider knowledge on how to get access to the unattainable without making the concierge, waiters and other service people crazy.

A few of Fazio’s tips include:

  • When and how much to palm in tips
  • How to get a seat or ticket to the hottest thing in town
  • How to avoid being labeled a rube the minute you walk through the door
  • How you can become your favorite store or restaurant’s most beloved customer
  • And much more

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Author Michael Fazio.

About the Author

Michael Fazio is a partner in Abigail Michaels Concierge, Manhattan’s premier concierge business, serving almost 20,000 condominiums, hotels and private clients.

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