Cinco De Mayo: Punch Bowl Social Arlington

Punch Bowl Social Arlington

Punch Bowl Social (PBS) is a new 25,000-square foot restaurant, bar and entertainment destination in Arlington’s Ballston Quarter.

During Cinco De Mayo, PBS Arlington will serve their popular “El Macho” drink for $5 (instead of its normal $11) to celebrate the holiday. The drink is made with El Jimador Reposado tequila, muddled cucumber, house-made cardamom syrup, and fresh lime juice.

If you haven’t been yet, the venue occupies three stories, featuring relaxed bar seating with full menu service. The third floor is home to the brand’s classic diner area with booth and tabletop seating, a custom 360-degree bar with televisions and various lounging and gathering spots for groups large and small. Two patios — the first adjacent to the diner and the second on the building’s north side — boasts a bocce ball court and plenty of outdoor seating options.

The location adds some local touches, too, an important design element for founder and CEO Robert Thompson, who actually lived and worked in the DMV in his 20s. Geometric patterns that mimic D.C. Metro station architecture and the nearby Pentagon, as well as the “Virginia is for Lovers”-inspired, love-themed karaoke rooms make locals feel right at home. There’s even a nod to Arlington history, taken from the city’s Luna Park, a Victorian-era amusement park infamous for its 1906 “great elephant escape” that saw four pachyderms make an unexpected run through the neighborhood.

Punch Bowl Social opened its first location in Denver in 2012, and Arlington marks the brand’s 15th location and its first in the mid-Atlantic region. The other 14 properties in the Punch Bowl Social nationwide portfolio are in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Portland, OR, Sacramento, San Diego; Schaumburg, IL and Stapleton, CO.

Punch Bowl Social Arlington. 4238 Wilson Blvd Ste. 1180, Arlington, VA 22203. (571) 297-7640.

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